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Advantages of Franchising

Advantages of Franchising with NTY Franchise Company

What are the benefits of being an NTY franchisee?


Like all franchise companies, we receive a small percentage of your total sales volume. So we are highly motivated to give you the tools, training, know-how and support that you need to help you make yourself successful in the business. Now we have lots of powerful tools that you can tap into. We have proprietary point of sales systems that are designed for the maximization of the purchase and resale of quality name brand products. There are all sorts of reporting functions that come out of the POS computer systems.

We also assign to you a regional operations manager who also oversees other stores with in each of our brands. Now they are getting daily summary reports from each of the stores just like you are getting a daily summary report on your business. They are going to help you benchmark your store in all of the financial parameters- inventory management, cash flow management, staff efficiency, etc. They are going to help and assist you to tweak and adjust your business. They are like a small business consultant that we assign to you.

We also have advertising and marketing materials that have proven to get customers to turn the ignition, put it into drive, and head down to your store. There is much more to learn, of course. So we encourage you to engage with our franchise development department to learn more.


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