Buying and Selling Refurbished Computers
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DEVICE PITSTOP: Buying and Selling Refurbished Computers

The idea of buying refurbished computers is not a new concept. A lot of people often consider this option, especially those who are in a very tight budget. Refurbished laptops and computers are typically computer units that are off-leased. These units are then sent to its manufacturing company for restoration if any internal or external problems are found. After refurbishing, the computer units pass through a series of technical assessments to ensure that all system are working just fine and meet the company’s standard for quality products. There are several advantages you can enjoy when buying refurbished computers, because not only will you be able to buy at half the price of a brand new unit, but you can also find updated computer specs that are much more affordable than buying a new one.

Device Pitstop also deals in refurbished computers, both in the creation and sales portion of the process. Device Pitstop stores will accept broken computers as trades towards new computers. We will then have our DP Certified Technicians repair the computer, tablet, or laptop back to it’s original, functional design. After the device has been restored, it can then be put on sale in the store. This product can then be sold at discount prices to your customers.

Customers can benefit from this service as well. Refurbished computers have the same capabilities as new computers, they just have small wear-and-tear from previous owners. However, there are a huge amount of savings to be had by shopping for refurbished, like-new computers instead of buying in the box at full retail prices. You can even bring in non-working items and trade for cash, allowing you to get a discount on new technology while letting your old technology find a new home! It’s win-win!

Stop by a Device Pitstop location near you to browse a selection of refurbished computers, laptops, tablets, mp3 players, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and more. You can also bring in your used or broken technology to trade for newer items, passing your technology on to a new home!