Children's Orchard Franchise Disclosure Document Highlights

FDD Highlights

An important step in your research is reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). It’s filled with a lot of useful information, but it can often be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve nailed down a few highlights for you here:

First, check out our short videos. NTY’s Vice President of Franchising James Wollman will walk you through the highlights.

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Check out even more highlights from the NTY Franchise Disclosure Document below.

Items 1 and 2: Background

We have been franchising this business model for more than 25 years.

Item 3: Litigation

None. This shows that we are good business partners.

Item 4: No Bankruptcies

We have been very wise in our financial investments.

Item 5: Initial Fee

Some of the lowest in the franchise business.

Item 6: Other Fees

These are fees you will see in the operation of your business. You can view the breakdown on the chart listed in Item 6 in the FDD.

Item 7: Estimated Initial Fees

These are the fees to open your store, they can vary from store to store or state to state. This is the estimated amount to get the “doors open for business.” There is a chart with the breakdown of the fees listed in Item 7. We also have a relationship with Wells Fargo, which will help with setting up your financing. We are also listed on the SBA registry, which makes it easier to work with all SBA approved banks.

Item 11: Franchisor Assistance

This is an explanation of the assistance we as the franchisor will give to you. This is the minimum you will receive from us, hopefully you have seen today that we have much more for you to use in the development of your business.

Item 12: Protected Territory

Describes your protected market, this area will be exclusive to you as a franchisee and will be outlined in the Exhibit A, as part of the Franchise Agreement. We will go through a mapping session to layout your territory with you before the Franchise Agreement is prepared.

Item 17: Renewal

The term of our Franchise Agreement is 10 years, which you are able to renew as stated in this item.

Item 19: Financial Performance Representations

Everyone wants to look at this, as it explains our sales history for our franchise locations. Make sure you read the explanation at the top of Item 19, as it will explain what information was used in putting the chart together.

Item 21 and Exhibit A: Financial Statements

This represents our franchise brands, not individual stores. We’ve invested a lot in staff, tools and technology in advance of our brand growth.

Exhibit B: Franchise Agreement

Ours is only 27 pages long. Everyone signs the same agreement. You will want to read the Franchise Agreement first, because it is what you sign, what we sign, and what we both abide by in our business relationship.  The only difference between the Franchise Agreement contained within the FDD and the original printed document that you would sign, is that we fill in your name and protected territory.

Exhibit C: List of Franchised Stores

This is where you’ll find locations and contact information for all of our stores. You should make phone calls to validate our information.

Exhibit I: Receipt

A signed receipt is our proof that we provided you with the FDD, which is required by the Federal Trade Commission.



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