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Our Product

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It’s no secret that the main reason customers visit Clothes Mentor stores is because of the exceptional product within. Whether buying or selling their gently used clothing, shoes and accessories, women know that Clothes Mentor’s focus is on quality.

Our inventory comes from our customers, women that have name-brand and designer items in their closets that they no longer need. They bring it to Clothes Mentor and our certified buyers evaluate each item, making sure that it fits the following criteria:

  • Great condition
  • Items that are current within the past few years
  • Women’s sizes
  • Current styles
  • Free of wear, tears, stains and other damage
  • Freshly laundered
  • Has brand and size labels
  • Contained in a basket or bag

Customers are presented with an offer of cash on-the-spot or a percentage more in store credit for the items the store wishes to purchase. Our point-of-sale software features a sophisticated buy matrix, which helps buyers make offers that are consistent and fit the margins of Clothes Mentor’s successful business model.




Just like they love making money by selling items to Clothes Mentor, customers love saving money by shopping at Clothes Mentor, too. That’s what resale is all about! Stores price their high-quality, name-brand merchandise at approximately 70% less than the original retail price. That great value and seeing new items on the floor every day keeps shoppers coming back. So the more product our stores buy, the more they sell!

But is it difficult to obtain inventory? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by potential franchisees. Watch this quick video to get the answer:


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