NTY Franchise Company Clothes Mentor Owner Testimonials

Owner Testimonials

Hear from several Clothes Mentor franchisees from all across the country about what it’s like to own Clothes Mentor stores and work with NTY Franchise Company. Check out the videos now:

What did you do before opening a Clothes Mentor store?

How many stores do you own, and do you plan on expanding?

Is the initial investment for Clothes Mentor too high, and is it worth it?

Why not do this on your own versus with a franchise?

What about all of those mom-n-pop consignment stores that come and go; why does Clothes Mentor work so much better?

Women’s consignment stores have been around for decades, how do you view your competition?

What are you doing to stay ahead of your competition?

What are the most helpful tools provided to you from NTY Franchise Company?

What are the benefits of Clothes Mentor’s point-of-sale system?

How does working with a Clothes Mentor regional operations manager help you?

How do you benefit from being part of a nationwide chain of stores?

What are your thoughts on selling used women’s fashion online?

Are you provided with the necessary training for Clothes Mentor?

How do you view the franchisee/franchisor relationship?

Would you recommend Clothes Mentor as a business to others?

Can you really make money selling used women’s fashion?

Do men run Clothes Mentor businesses? And what would you say to a man considering it?

Do you get support from being part of the Clothes Mentor franchise system?

How is the high gross profit margin helpful to you as a small business owner?

Why do your customers shop at your stores?

Do you have the flexibility to run your Clothes Mentor business as you see fit? 

What would you say to a potential franchisee that has seen negative online reviews?



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