What is Clothes Mentor? About Clothes Mentor

What Is Clothes Mentor?


Anyone who has ever visited a Clothes Mentor store will tell you that it’s not consignment or thrift, it’s resale. Actually, it’s upscale resale. Clothes Mentor sells gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories for up to 70% off of original retail prices. Stores only stock pieces that are in great condition and are on-trend or classic and timeless.

When customers walk into a Clothes Mentor, they see a clean, well-designed store with organized shelves and racks that make shopping enjoyable. Clothes Mentor’s merchandise is also organized by color and size, making it even more aesthetically pleasing and easier for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. Inventory for Clothes Mentor stores comes from customers that have name-brand and designer pieces in their closet that they no longer wear—or oftentimes have never worn. Clothes Mentor pays CASH On-the-Spot or store credit for clothing in sizes 0 to 26 and maternity as well as shoes, handbags and other accessories.

There are many Clothes Mentor stores throughout the United States, each serving its local community by both buying and selling high-quality items. The concept puts money back into the pockets of the people within the community and promotes the reuse of goods, which also benefits the environment. Some stores even provide a free personal shopper or host fun private events for customers such as Girls Night Out. But no matter which Clothes Mentor store you go to, you’ll always find superior merchandise and a friendly, professional staff that provides great customer service.

three photos inside Clothes Mentor store, models wearing outfits, dressing rooms with models wearing outfits and designer purses on wall rack

So Why Women’s Fashion?

According to The NDP Group, a company that reports information about consumer spending, women’s apparel retail sales were recently recorded at about $115 billon a year. But women’s fashion is not just a fad. Ladies will always love improving or changing their styles and shopping for new clothing, shoes, accessories and more to update their look. And getting fashion at a great price is even better!

This business has staying power. Women change sizes and preferences frequently, and they want to keep up with fashion trends that fit their personality. This creates continuous business for Clothes Mentor. Check out the video clip below from ABC World News. The story discusses women’s fashion and the growing popularity of buying and selling gently used clothing, shoes and accessories. 


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