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Customers Love Our Resale Brands – Here’s Why

Customers Love Our Resale Brands – Here’s Why

Now for those of you out there who are looking at this as an opportunity- there is no shortage of choices. And our franchisees that chose to come with us really see the benefit in having the quick and easy answer for their customer’s question- “what is in it for me by shopping at your business?”. So for you as a business owner, it’s good to have points of difference. So let me cover what is in it for our customers.  Why do they continue to shop at our stores? Why do they tell their friends about it and bring more people in and come in more often?

This is because what they like is getting paid right now by cleaning out their closet of clothing and apparel, shoes, purses, kids’ stuff, teen fashions, old iPads, etc. Cash on the spot is really a key factor, especially for millennials. Everybody loves it, but millennials are impatient. The thought process of them taking photos to post online or packaging it up to an online retailer and waiting weeks to get their money just doesn’t work. It’s the same thing with consignment stores. One of the best appeals that people really enjoy is the immediacy of getting cash on the spot. They can swing into our stores, we make the process very simple and to the point, and they walk out with cash in hand and don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s very beneficial, especially for millennial customers.

No appointments needed! In our stores we are buying all day every day, generally up until an hour before closing. So you see in these higher end, boutique places you have to set up an appointment and so on, which is not convenient or easy. People today are looking for convenience and ease. There is no consignment hassles with what we are doing, you don’t have to keep track of what you dropped off, or call back to see if your items sold. There is no auction hassles, and there is no giving away your items for free. A lot of people who would give away their items, how much benefit are they really going to get from that tax form? Not much. So many people feel that they paid good money for their product and if they can quickly and easily walk into a store and get cash on the spot for it is a bonus. People that shop in our stores really appreciate that.

Now we combine all of that with the superior shopping experience, superior quality of the merchandise, compared with the other entities out there, we have a depth and breadth quality merchandise. And we buy from our customers what our other customers want to buy from us. So its quality, its selection, and it’s all served up in a beautiful, well-lit, colorful store. And we can’t forget the “WOW!” value pricing to be able to get that quality merchandise for a quarter or a third of what it costs new at the big box or the mall.