DEVICE PITSTOP: A New Computer Franchise

Many capable business managers have trouble finding successful business opportunities in most industries due to the economy, but the computer technology industry is still in high demand. Even if you are not very technologically literate, you can strike gold by owning a computer franchise. That’s right – the economy may have taken a turn for the worst in recent years, but the Device Pitstop resale computer franchise has been raking in incredible profits. That is because we cater to a niche market that is in high demand – buying, selling, trading, servicing and upgrading all kinds of laptops and other mobile devices. In fact, we rake in 2 times the gross margins as 800-pound gorilla retailer Best Buy. If you are good at managing people but can’t see yourself in a position managing a staff of expert laptop technicians, do not worry! You do not have to be a tech guru; just have the necessary skills to manage a business and we will give you comprehensive training and help you set up your branch. You can learn more about taking advantage of this computer franchise at

Device Pitstop was founded in 2003 out of Las Vegas to meet the needs of laptop owners and buyers in the area. The business has received a lot of favorable attention and has grown to be a booming enterprise. We are looking for prospective business owners who want to help us expand the business even more. Many ambitious people have taken advantage of our upstart computer franchise and built their very own thriving retail store. Our branches have had so much success because of all the incredible services we offer that other computer retailers cannot come close to. We give consumers reasonable deals for purchasing, selling and trading laptops so that people can buy laptops for under $100 or save hundreds on the latest and greatest. Each one of our laptop specialist must be certified by our proprietary DP program so that when consumers come in to have their laptops repaired or upgraded, we can do it in-house fast and cheap. This has made us a favorite computer electronics store among laptop owners – perhaps it is why our store’s average gross sales are nearly $1.4 million.

So you have the skills to manage a business, and you want to own your own computer franchise, but why choose Device Pitstop? Our business model has shown to be one of the most profitable and flexible in the industry – our business evolves to stock and service new technology. Also, there are multiple revenue streams including service, sales, eBay store, and providing mobile internet service – all of which yield greater business margins. The market that we cater to is unsaturated, and you will be one of the most popular picks in your area because of competitive prices and the best industry knowledge. In addition, we will help you purchase media including local and national television and print advertisements. What are you waiting for? Look how to get your computer franchise started today. Just log on to

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