Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone Resale Chain Now Open in Maplewood
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DEVICE PITSTOP: “Device Pitstop” Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone Resale Chain Now Open in Maplewood

An article from the Maplewood Living Newsletter highlights a Device Pitstop store that recently opened in Maplewood, Minnesota in their Maplewood Business Highlight page (see page 6 of the newsletter). Source: Maplewood Living

Buy, Sell, Trade, Service and Upgrade Laptops and Mobile Devices at a Low Cost.

Cathy and Joe Ferrazzo own the Device Pitstop laptop and mobile device store located at 2950 White Bear Avenue in Maplewood. Always living in the Twin Cities, Cathy was a purchasing agent, ran a small residential cleaning business then stayed home to raise their five children. Joe has spent the past 33 years in sales and marketing. The Ferrazzo’s were looking for a family business. After reading a newspaper article about the Device Pitstop franchise, and knowing that their son and son-in-law were savvy with computers, technology and other devices, they were eager to learn more about the franchise. After visits to the Minnetonka store, they felt Device Pitstop would combine their skill sets and provide a future for the family. Now, they have opened a Device Pitstop store in Maplewood and plan to open another store in Woodbury. Their son, AJ Ferrazzo, will eventually manage one store and their son-in law, Chris Horning, the other. 

Device Pitstop carries a wealth of laptops, tablets, smartphones and accessories including Windows, Apple, and Android devices and parts. They sell products well below original prices, backed by a 90-day warranty. They buy for cash or trade in. They have expert on-site repairs (including smartphone screens) and upgrades. There’s a knowledgeable, friendly, value environment.

Most importantly, Device Pitstop has a green philosophy tied to recycling used equipment, not sending them to the landfill. They bring non-working computers back to life or utilize good components in other repairs. They safely dispose of other items by recycling in an environmentally-responsible manner that follows stringent state requirements. According to store owners Cathy and Joe Ferrazzo, Device Pitstop – Maplewood is a friendly, neighborhood center for affordable computers, tablets, smartphones, accessories, repairs and upgrades.

Cathy and Joe Ferrazzo live in Mahtomedi and have five grown children and four grandchildren. They enjoy traveling, golf, bike riding, and entertaining family and friends.

For more information on Device Pitstop, call (651) 493-7443 or visit them at