Device Pitstop Opens in Burnsville, Minnesota
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DEVICE PITSTOP: Device Pitstop Opens in Burnsville, Minnesota

Device Pitstop®, a national chain that buys, sells, trades, services and upgrades laptops and mobile devices at low cost, just opened in Burnsville. It’s a one-stop solution to laptop and mobile-device needs. Sourced from: Burnsville Patch Device Pitstop carries a wealth of laptops, tablets, smartphones and accessories including Windows, Apple, and Android devices and parts. They sell products well below original prices, backed by a 90-day warranty. They buy for cash or trade in. They have expert on-site repairs (including smartphone screens) and upgrades. There’s a knowledgeable, friendly, value environment. Device Pitstop is now open at 1603 County Road 42, just west of I-35 and the Burnsville Center. Call 952-303-5663 or check According to store owner Brad Peterson, Device Pitstop sells quality used laptops from $99 to $299 and factory-refurbished laptops from $250 to $500. There are all major PC and Apple brands with a range of operating systems. Device Pitstop also sells popular tablets from $100 to $300 and smartphones from $100 to $300. All are backed by 90-day hardware warranties and available extended-service plans. All previously-owned devices are wiped-clean of personal information, given a fresh new operating system, and rigorously tested to deliver top-line working equipment at great prices. Device Pitstop buys used products and helps customers convert their working and non-working devices into cash. Reps quickly inspect devices, offer a price quote and pay on the spot. They also offer trade-in for another product at great prices – and can transfer all music, pictures, and documents at a nominal cost. All device repairs and upgrades are performed by expert, in-house technicians and usually in a few days. Unlike many big-box stores, computers are not sent elsewhere or need weeks for repair. Device Pitstop technicians are certified, have all tools and parts available, and can even repair older computers. Upgrades include additional RAM, hard-drive installation, anti-virus/anti-spyware software installation, operating system upgrades, and more. Tablet and smartphone repairs can include replacement of broken LCD and glass screens. Accessories include laptop batteries, AC adapters, iPhone adapter cables, iPad accessories, smartphone cases, headphones and speakers. Most Importantly, Device Pitstop has a green philosophy tied to recycling used equipment, not sending them to the landfill. They bring non-working computers back to life or utilize good components in other repairs. They safely dispose of other items by recycling in an environmentally-responsible manner that follows stringent state requirements. According to store owner Brad Peterson, Device Pitstop – Burnsville is a friendly, neighborhood center for affordable computers, tablets, smartphones, accessories, repairs and upgrades. ### Note: All brands are copyrighted, trademarked, or registered by their respective companies.  

Device Pitstop franchisees Brad Peterson and Mary Anne standing in their Burnsville, MN, store
Brad Peterson and his wife, Mary Anne, at their new Burnsville store.