Why Franchisees are Thankful for NTY Franchise Company


From opening their stores to growing their businesses, find out what franchisees appreciate most about working with NTY Franchise Company:

“I’m thankful for franchising! Combining my entrepreneurship passion with best practices, systems and tools from a proven franchisor is a winning combination. 2016 was a great year! Our great DP Pit Crew worked incredibly hard with our wonderful customers, helping them to economize and optimize their digital life (computers, tablets and cell phones).” – Bradley R. Swenson, Device Pitstop Maple Grove

“Being a franchisee with NTY’s Clothes Mentor fulfills my dream of being my own boss while giving me the safety net of industry experts who are just as invested in my success as I am. I couldn’t imagine opening a business any other way.” – Jennifer Walters, Clothes Mentor Torrance

“This year we feel even more thankful than previous years. By opening our Clothes Mentor franchise, we fulfilled our dream of having a family business, and have the opportunity to spend more time together as well. Being a franchise owner has given us the opportunity to save for our retirement and provide long-term job security for our son. Our #Dream2016 has come through.” – Pieter de Smidt, Clothes Mentor Sugarland

“Being part of a franchise provides a broader opportunity for success, and gives an established brand to build on. I’m thankful for the partnership, resources, technology and ongoing support from the franchise I am partnered with.” – Shasta Webber, Children’s Orchard Huntersville

“There are so many things we love about franchising. One aspect is that we have a blueprint of how to run our business. We have other people in a like businesses to learn from and share ideas. We feel like we have an extended family in our relationships with our franchise companies and our employees. We could not do everything alone.” – Randi Zied, Clothes Mentor North Olmsted, Strongsville and Mayfield Heights

“We are thankful to show our children (ages 9-16) how to own a business. We’re thankful they’ll see how much hard work is required, how important good character is and what a blessing it is to work together as a family!” – Kathy and Lane Bosley, Clothes Mentor Tyler

“Franchising gives me the flexibility to make more family time. There are no clocks to punch, no supervisor to decline vacation requests.” – Brad Peterson, Device Pitstop Burnsville

“We are thankful for a franchise with a proven track record to give us the confidence to open multiple, very successful businesses. By following the ‘resale-retail recipe’ provided, we are not forced to build a business model from the ground up, but to utilize the wealth of knowledge our franchisor has handed to us to create our own businesses in our market and have the freedom to be creative and find ways to improve even more on operating our own individual stores.” – Shawn and Alyssa Cox, Clothes Mentor Charlotte Arboretum, Charlotte Midtown and Rock Hill

“I have owned several startup businesses (none of which were franchises) and it is a lot of work, more than people may think. I have now just started a Device Pitstop franchise and I am very thankful because they have taken every process and made it flawless. While I own my own business, I have a team of experts to lean on at all times. Priceless!” – Matt Paperi, Device Pitstop Overland Park

“After just spending 90 minutes with my franchise operations manager, I feel like I have a focused business strategy to wrap up 2016. And he planted seeds for me to start developing my 2017 business goals. I am thankful for having a built-in, business-savvy coach who wants us to succeed as much as we do.” – Chris Barnett, Clothes Mentor Springfield and West Chester

“People are always searching for that thing in life that provides them the opportunity to succeed. Franchising allows you to obtain independence through the fruits of your own efforts.” – Mike Thorn, Clothes Mentor Cordova

“I am thankful for the continued support from NTY with system updates and resources. Support like this is critical for the franchisees to keep up with and stay ahead of new technology. It also allows us time to focus on our store and marketing.” – Joe Ferrazzo, Device Pitstop Maplewood

“I’m thankful for deciding to open a franchise, because name recognition and corporate support from experienced franchisors, are two important factors to a successful business.” – Karla Fitzpatrick, Clothes Mentor Burnsville

“We are thankful to have found the opportunity to own a franchise CM store. Because of this, we moved back to our home state of Oklahoma to be near family, which encouraged more family to move here, too. We doubt this would have happened in the three years we’ve been here, without this major life change.” – Mike and Melanie Harris, Clothes Mentor Edmond

“We are thankful to have an opportunity to buy quality, stylish clothing from customers and then sell them at affordable prices.” – Jennifer Small, Clothes Mentor Portage

“They make the hard stuff easy!” – Scott Stansbury, Device Pitstop Anchorage

“I’m thankful that our franchise is here in our community for all women and all sizes. Our Clothes Mentor has helped women create new styles and a new sense of confidence when it comes to their fashion needs. We are thankful to be a part of that new confidence.” – Michael and Wyndy Reese, Clothes Mentor Jonesboro

“I am thankful that our Black Friday Sale is completed, on the Saturday before official Black Friday. It was very successful thanks to creative thinking of our corporate staff. “ – Don Leventhal, Clothes Mentor Bloomington

“We operate in a crowded market and I am not sure how I would break through if I didn’t have marketing support from the franchise. I wouldn’t be able to rise above the noise. From professionally designed materials to creative sales strategies, I am thankful that I have the franchise marketing support and I am not spending hours—no, days—trying to do it all myself.” – Chris Barnett, Clothes Mentor West Chester and Springfield

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