NTY Franchise Costs

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Initial Franchise Costs

The numbers below show the approximate dollar amounts you need to get the doors of an NTY franchise store open, have a working capital reserve, get stocked with inventory and be ready for customers. These are estimated ranges for each brand. For a breakdown of the brand-specific estimates, check out the individual brand sites by clicking on the links below.


Children’s Orchard Franchise Costs

Low End Approximately*$164,000
High End of Approximately$271,000

Click here for breakdown of Children’s Orchard estimates  



Clothes Mentor Franchise Costs

Low End Approximately$219,000
High End Approximately$344,000

Click here for a breakdown of Clothes Mentor estimates  



Device Pitstop Franchise Costs

High End Approximately$159,000
Low End Approximately*$104,000

*The numbers for Device Pitstop are estimates based on the leasing option.
Click here for a breakdown of Device Pitstop estimates  



New Uses Franchise Costs

Low End Approximately$187,500
High End of Approximately$286,500

Click here for a breakdown of New Uses estimates  



NTY Clothing Exchange Franchise Costs

Low End Approximately*$164,000
High End of Approximately$271,000

Click here for a breakdown of NTY Clothing Exchange estimates  

While it’s likely that most stores will land in the targeted ranges listed above, it’s also dependent upon a number of variables. Further detailed information is outlined in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). To get a copy of this document, please contact your NTY Franchise representative. Download our free franchise brochure or give us a call to discuss the initial investments further. *With leasing option. 

Get started on a quick path to success with our required investment range. Learn more about it in this video featuring our VP of Franchising:



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