DEVICE PITSTOP: Looking to Buy a Computer Business?

In response to the downturn in the economy, prospective business purchasers must be careful to select a business plan that is proven to yield enough return on investment to take care of overhead. At the moment starting a business is riskier than it has been in years, but thankfully there are a few sectors of the economy that are still thriving. One of them is the computer technology industry, and business is specifically well in regards to laptops and other mobile devices. At Device Pitstop, we provide products and services that are in high demand. We buy, sell, trade, repair and upgrade laptops and many other mobile devices, like the iPad, in-house at all of our retail stores. Our business model has proven itself time and time again, with average gross sales of nearly $1.4 million. You may think that to buy a computer business you need to know a lot about computers, but if you buy a computer business from Device Pitstop, you only need the skills to manage a business. We will help you fill in the rest with our comprehensive 2-week training program. Learn how to get started in the process of buying a computer franchise that will secure your financial future on

Device Pitstop is a family company founded by brothers Mike and Tim Smith in 2003 serving the Las Vegas area. Our effective business model has let us expand into other areas, and we are looking for confident and charismatic business managers to lead us into the future. Wherever we set up a branch, consumers flock to us for all their laptop needs. That is because we provide quick, reasonable estimates on laptops that people want to sell to us or trade. When we purchase laptops we fix them up or use their parts to repair other laptops. We also provide great prices; customers can purchase a laptop for less than $100 or save a ton of money on top of the line products. People can also bring their laptops to us and our DP Certified technicians will repair or upgrade them in-house instead of sending it to another location like most retailers, saving customers much time and money. If you want to be a part of a technology franchise that is a top pick for consumers’ laptop needs, Device Pitstop is waiting for you.

You can learn all about how to start a franchise from us on and all the benefits that come with it. Not only will you own a company with a fantastic business model, but you will have multiple revenue streams that contribute to greater profit margins including service, sales, eBay store, and providing mobile Internet access. The niche market we serve has little competition, so you are bound to be the top choice for all laptop needs in your area. As an added bonus, we assist with all marketing and advertising needs. Our stores earn more than twice the profit margins of Best Buy, so become part of the Device Pitstop family. Log on to to learn what you need to do and contact a representative today!

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