Mobile Tech Repair vs. Device Pitstop Computer Repair
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DEVICE PITSTOP: Mobile Tech Repair vs. Device Pitstop Computer Repair

Looking for computer repair in Las Vegas? Computer repair in Henderson, Nevada? Computer repair in Minneapolis, MN? Device Pitstop is the place to get your computer fixed quickly at a decent price. 

We are sometimes asked, “Why don’t you offer mobile tech repair service?”   

We currently do not focus on mobile tech repair.  Should we decide to offer it in the future, we would likely have to increase our prices and increase our turnaround times.

The first reason why our techs hang out at the store is cost savings for the customer.  Device Pitstop repair customers do not have to pay the technician to go to their house.  Since we do not have to insure a driver, pay for fuel or automobile costs, we can pass the savings along to you!  Go ahead: compare our costs to the mobile tech repair guys!

The second reason is speed.  Since the Device Pitstop techs are not driving around town looking for customer homes, they can spend all day at our stores repairing busted D.C. jacks, replacing motherboards or replacing LCD screens among other things.  Device Pitstop does NOT ship your computer away to a central servicing center, like many mobile tech companies.  Our techs and their tools and parts are located at each store, so we can get to work on your computer ASAP.  With mobile tech chains, you might have to pay a mobile tech even though he or she did not bring adequate tools or parts to complete the job.  Your computer might need to be shipped away or taken back to the “mother ship”.  Not with Device Pitstop: we have the necessary tools and many times the right parts to get started on the job today!

Last of all, at Device Pitstop we do not charge by the hour but rather by the job performed.  That way you know what to expect when paying for a repair.  For your broken laptop or desktop, back up your important files (make sure you are doing this periodically) and then bring it down to Device Pitstop for an inexpensive and speedy repair!