New Uses 4 Easy Steps to Franchising

4 Easy Steps

So what’s next? Well, now that you know our story, we want to know your story. The following four steps will help us to get to know you better. We want to learn your interests, experience, skill sets and goals for your business ownership. We want to address your questions and concerns so we can help you to see if our opportunities may be the best fit for you.

The following is our simple four-step process for doing just that. Start by downloading our free franchise information brochure on any page of this website, review it to learn the basics and then call us to set up a Step 1 webinar so you can begin learning much more.

STEP 1 -Schedule and Attend a Private Web Meeting

This personal, live web meeting is a brief but very thorough overview of New Uses. The main topics covered are:

  • The history of NTY Franchise Company and how the brand came to be.
  • What the brand represents to both the consumer and to the franchisee (store owner).
  • Where the brand fits into the marketplace and why the stores thrive.
  • How the franchisee/franchisor relationship really works and our culture.
STEP 2 -Q & A with Vice President of Franchising James Wollman

For this phone call you have the floor—and our VP’s ear—to ask any and every question that you may have. How much does it cost? Does it work? Can I make any money? These are just a few frequently asked high-level questions about our system that Jim can either answer directly for you or show you how you can dig deeper to find the answers. With no pressure, and in less time than it takes to browse the web, this call can help you to get more pertinent and detailed information quickly.

STEP 3 -Discovery Day

Not a decision-making day, but rather a one-day orientation covering all of our franchisee services. It’s held at our corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, and it takes place before you make any decision on your new business. You’ll meet with NTY’s key personnel, who will present you with concise overviews of all the tools that we provide our franchisees so they can help themselves to become successful business owners. The interaction allows you to form a more complete impression of us and the culture and values of our company. The main topics covered are:

  • Business planning
  • Training
  • Bank financing
  • Store location assistance
  • Store opening assistance
  • Point-of-sale system
  • Regional Operations Manager (ROM)
  • Marketing
  • Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
STEP 4 -Validations and Research Wrap-Up

To wrap up your research on our company and this opportunity before you make a decision to join us, we want you to validate our business and support with our established franchisees.

In addition to the store list and contact information included within the FDD, we can also provide you with a contact information list of franchisees who have opted in and volunteered their personal time to speak with you for a more in-depth conversation.

Our franchising process includes four main steps, but it’s customizable. Our VP of Franchising walks you through what that means in this video:

Watch this video to learn about expectations for our franchise and validating our business model. The bottom line: If you put more into your business, you’ll get more out of your business.



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