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New Uses target customer young family with mom and dad and two elementary-age kids sitting on couch
New Uses millennial customer young couple sitting on floor of new house unpacking moving boxes
New Uses generation X customer mom and teen daughter riding bikes
New Uses Baby Boomer customer older couple with grey hair sitting on couch

 Learn about New Uses customers in the demographic information below. Plus, see some real customer feedback from our corporate and store-level social media channels.


Our core customer group is comprised primarily of 25- to 49-year-old women and 30- to 49-year-old men who live within a 20-mile radius of our store. They are likely married and live in a household with 3 to 5 people. Our customers strive to create a home space that reflects their personal style, always searching for unique items that are high in quality at a good price. With an interior design preference that leans toward traditional, our target customers opt to fill their homes with classic pieces that have stood the test of time. And though they aren’t categorized as early adopters when it comes to technology, they do equip their homes with current electronics such as flat-screen TVs. Whether they rent or own their home, New Uses customers are constantly updating their living spaces to suit their changing needs.

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Our Millennial customers are ages 25 to 35. They live a very active lifestyle and are constantly on the go. They are defined as confident, tolerant and networked. They know what they want. They may be renting their first apartment or buying their first home and are looking to us to provide them with affordable furnishings for every room. Many may have high levels of student loan debt, so our prices suit their financial needs.

This generation is civic-minded with a strong sense of community, both local and global. They appreciate the reuse aspect of New Uses and the resulting benefit that their purchases provide to the environment. Millennials are also very connected, and their world is mobile. Smartphones and social media are critical to their daily life, so we must have a strong online presence in order to connect with them.

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Our Generation X (Gen X) customers are women and men ages 35 to 50. The Gen X customers are highly educated and typically well-established in the working world, regardless of where their age falls in the generational range. This means that they are extremely busy, juggling both work and their family life.

This group may not be as tied to social media sites as the Millennial group, but is keen on trends because they have children growing up in our technology-dependent world. Gen Xers may be selling their first home and are looking to us as a place to sell their gently used furnishings for cash on-the-spot. They may also be sending their kids off to college and need to furnish dorm rooms with inexpensive necessities such as a desk lamp or a nightstand and on-trend extras such as a rug or a framed mirror.

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The women and men that comprise our Baby Boomer customer group (ages 50 to 65) grew up at a time of dramatic social change. Memorable events during their life include the Vietnam War and civic and environmental movements. These changes caused them to be socially and financially responsible. They look to New Uses to provide them with value: high-quality merchandise at a great price. And as their children move out, this group may be downsizing from a large house to a smaller condominium or apartment and our stores provide a place to sell the furnishings and other home goods that they no longer need.

Baby Boomers often dislike shopping online and feel lost or ignored in the big-box world of retail today. New Uses provides these customers with a smaller, more personal store with a local feel. They appreciate our higher level of customer service provided by a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

What’s in it for me? This is a common question asked by our customers. Our resale business model offers more than other retail stores! Watch this video to find out what’s in it for our customers:



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