What is New Uses? Household Resale Franchise

What is New Uses?

New Uses clean and organized store with a lot of shoppers, furniture, artwork, kitchen items, etc.

A welcoming atmosphere and an amazing selection of top-quality, always-changing home merchandise are just two ways in which New Uses offers a fun shopping experience. There’s also the brand’s unique resale concept, which includes buying inventory from customers for CASH On-the-Spot and selling those gently-used goods for up to 70% off of original retail prices.

Every New Uses features a clean, organized layout that displays on-trend home goods such as furniture, lighting, artwork, small appliances, rugs and more. Plus, items come and go daily, so there’s something new to find each time customers visit the store. Whether they’re furnishing a whole new apartment or house or are simply in search of that one special item that will enhance the look and feel of a room, they’ll find it for a great deal at New Uses. For those that are downsizing or updating their home’s interior, our stores provide a simple and convenient way to sell items that they no longer need. This puts money back into the pockets of the people within the community and promotes the reuse of goods, which also benefits the environment. And there’s no appointment needed for customers to bring in their items. We also provide an online form for submitting photos of large items such as couches and dining sets, so customers don’t have to haul them to the store unless they are officially accepted.

The market for buying and selling gently used home goods is growing, and our loyal customers know that New Uses is not thrift or consignment—it’s upscale resale. Everything in the store is in superior condition for a great price, and our friendly, professional staff provides great customer service.

New Uses three store photos, dresser with lamp, love seat with coffee table and decorative platter, gallery display of artwork for sale

So Why Resale for the Home?

Homes change frequently, from the number of people that make up a household to style preferences to technology improvements, etc., and the need for updated furnishings to keep up with those changes creates a demand for the affordable options provided by New Uses. In addition, our resale concept inherently benefits the environment, because buying and selling gently used items is a form of recycling, and that’s a lasting trend.

Today’s homeowners strive to create living spaces that express their personal style. Unlike big-box home stores that stock the same furniture and accessories at many stores across the country, New Uses offers one-of-a-kind merchandise that is unique to each store. And it’s always in excellent condition. This adds another level of fun to shopping for home goods.  



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