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Cothes Mentor sells gently used name-brand and
designer clothing, shoes and accessories for up to
70% off of original retail prices



We invite you to discover what it would be like to start your own successful resale business with the help of our proven techniques, training and support team.

NEW USES: Artwork

New pictures and fun artwork are a great way to add color and brightness to your walls. And of course, it isn’t limited to your walls. Fun photos and paintings can be set on tables, rested on bookshelves, and placed on nightstands. Maybe you live far from the ocean, but want a colorful painting of […]

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When you’re looking to add some changes to your home and maybe a little extra color, nothing will do it quite like a new rug. If you have hardwood floors in your home, an area rug is especially nice because they will warm up the room – not to mention your feet in the fall […]

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NEW USES: Let There Be Light…

We have a large variety of lamps at New Uses for many unique ways to bring light into your home! Perhaps some table lamps are in order to update a corner of your living room, or some nice bedside lamps for your bedroom, or that lamp that is just right for reading – or even […]

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NEW USES: We Carry Couches

One of the many things we carry at New Uses is furniture – and we have a lot of great pieces! And when it comes to furniture, how about a newer couch this fall? As the nights get colder, just think how nice it would be to curl up on a new couch with a […]

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NEW USES: Entertaining for Fall

It isn’t quite time for all the holiday parties, but it is time for some fun fall entertaining. It’s the time of year when people come indoors from the barbecues and entertain friends with good food, wine, and conversation. At New Uses you can find some great pieces for your fall entertaining. We have everything […]

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NEW USES: Fall Cooking

Many people do a great deal of cooking and canning in the fall. Maybe it’s that secret family recipe of bread and butter pickles or a hot salsa – or maybe you’re more into baking. Either way, it’s time to grab those fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the garden, cook them up, can them, […]

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NEW USES: Dorm Decorating

Starting college, or going back for your next year, is an exciting experience. You’re on your own and you’re starting a new phase of school. And for many of you, this means living in a dorm room. So, how do you make your dorm room a place that is your own and an atmosphere that […]

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NEW USES: New Home Goods Store Opens in Woodbury

A second article about the new Woodbury, Minnesota New Uses store, owned by Will Berthiaume and Valeta Cornwell, tells why it is such a great fit for them. The ribbon cutting for the store takes place this week! Source: Will Berthiaume and Valeta Cornwell know a thing or two about downsizing their belongings. Come to think of […]

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NEW USES: Between Empty-Nesters and Millennials, Furniture Resellers See Opportunity

In an article in the Star Tribune about furniture resellers, the New Uses in Woodbury, Minnesota is highlighted. Owned by Valeta Cornwell and Will Berthiaume,  they saw the franchise as a great opportunity as they saw the growing interest in gently-used furniture. Of course, New Uses is not consignment, but resale, and offers not only […]

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