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Cothes Mentor sells gently used name-brand and
designer clothing, shoes and accessories for up to
70% off of original retail prices



We invite you to discover what it would be like to start your own successful resale business with the help of our proven techniques, training and support team.

NEW USES: Summer Inventory at New Uses!

Stop in to your local New Uses and see what we have for great summer furniture. We carry everything from patio furniture to fun accessories to have outdoors. And we can always use new inventory…so maybe you would like to bring in your gently-used patio furniture and buy something that is like new from us […]

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NEW USES: Exercising Your Franchise

In an article about franchising, The Hoons, who own four stores through NTY, three Clothes Mentor stores and one New Uses store, the concept of franchising and owning your own business is discussed. Source: Mark Hoon says he knows what it takes to be a successful franchisee. And the company in which Hoon invested knows what […]

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DEVICE PITSTOP: Devices for Graduates

With graduations coming up, perhaps your new graduate is looking for a new  laptop, smartphone, or desktop for a graduation gift! Since technology is always evolving, having a newer iPhone, smartphone, laptop, MacBook, iMac, or desktop for your graduate will only help to ensure their success. As they either head into the working world or […]

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As much as we all love our heels, flats can be fun too – and they’re on-trend for spring! Loafers and other fun flats in different patterns are a hot trend this season. Try them in metallic or a fun print, wear them with a cute floral or black and white dress, or keep it […]

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CLOTHES MENTOR: The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is so famous, it’s known by its initials: LBD. Coco Chanel introduced the little black dress in the 1920’s, and it has remained popular ever since. The LBD comes in many styles, lengths, fabrics, and textures – but it always works for any occasion and any season. In fact, why not […]

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CHILDREN’S ORCHARD: Spring Clothes for Kids

Spring is the time of year when you’re putting away your children’s coats for the season, packing away winter sweaters, and pulling out spring clothes for your kids. The only problem is that your kids have probably long outgrown anything they may have had from last year. What’s the solution to kids who outgrow their […]

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CLOTHES MENTOR: Clean $weep: Pittsburgh-Area Resale, Consignment Shops Make Closet De-cluttering Pay

We all think of cleaning out our closets in the spring to make room for spring and summer pieces, but it’s also a time to take out clothing you don’t wear and purchase some newer items for spring. One of our franchisees,  Andrea Zabinski, is interviewed in this article about her store in Wexford, Pennsylvania.  […]

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Denim is one of those things that just never goes out of style. The cuts and styles change, but denim always works. For this season, the on-trend style in jeans is boyfriend denim – and to look even hipper, roll up the legs a bit to show a little ankle with a great pair of sandals […]

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DEVICE PITSTOP: Find Great Products at Device Pitstop!

There are some great products coming out in the tech world right now – we now have an Apple watch, laptops and tablets are getting more powerful and lighter, and technology is more and more integrated into our daily lives. How do you keep up? Maybe the newest gadget is something you want right away, […]

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