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NTY Clothing Exchange comes with a proven successful business model.
NTY Franchise Company has developed a clear path that will help you to
avoid years of trial and error, reduce costly mistakes, shorten your learning
curve and, ultimately, reach your goals sooner.

What is NTY Clothing Exchange

NTY Clothing Exchange is the resale store with awesome brands and killer deals, so teens and young adults can look fierce without going flat broke. In fact, most of the merchandise within our stores is marked at about 70% off of original retail prices! From floor to ceiling, the stores are serious about style. They are always super-clean, well-organized and stocked full of one-of-a-kind designs.

NTY Clothing Exchange is for all shapes and sizes; we buy and sell trendy, fun fashions in sizes 1-19, S-XXL for girls and sizes 28-40 and S-XXL for guys.

NTY Clothing Exchange is unique because it’s not consignment or thrift, it’s upscale resale. We pay CASH On-the-Spot for gently-used, on-trend clothing, shoes and accessories; or we offer store credit for 25% more. Our resale brand puts money back into the pockets of the people in the community and promotes the reuse of goods, which also benefits the environment.

Fun events, constantly changing inventory and amazing sales are always happening at NTY Clothing Exchange stores, and every time customers walk in the door, they can expect a friendly staff that provides great customer service.

So Why Teen and Young-Adult Fashion?

Teens and young adults love fashion and are developing a style of their own. They enjoy buying the hottest trends—and especially love the prices at NTY Clothing Exchange.

Since most teens and young adults are either full-time students or are working their first job, being able to afford the freshest fashion isn’t usually something they are able to do without a lot of saving beforehand. NTY Clothing Exchange offers them a solution: at our stores, they get the trendiest selection of clothing, shoes and accessories at much lower prices that fit their budget.

Also, NTY Clothing Exchange is an entire store, not just a section of a big-box retailer, that is set up just for them. The environment is current and cool, and the merchandise is unique and always changing. Teen and young-adult fashion is not a passing fad; it’s a huge business that will continue to grow because teens and young adults change sizes and style preferences right along with evolving fashion trends.

Our Customers

Who is Our Target Customer?

Our ideal customers are teenagers and young adults that live within a 30-mile radius of our store. They lead very active lives, balancing school, extra curricular activities, a social life and often a part-time job. O

ur target customers are strongly tied to their friends and their smartphones. They follow fashion trends closely and share similar tastes with their peers. They want to be fashionable and wear their favorite name brands. Because NTY Clothing Exchange’s target customers rely on their parents or part-time jobs for shopping money, they appreciate our amazingly low prices. Guys and gals in this group are learning to be independent, and they are likely to ask for assistance from a friendly, knowledgeable staff to find what they are looking for or to get their questions answered.


Our Millennial customers are women and men ages 21 to 35. They are defined as confident, tolerant and networked. They know what they want. Also, they have a defined sense of style in their personal life, but may be entering the workforce and are required to wear business-casual outfits from 9:00 to 5:00, five days a week. They look to us to provide them with fun, stylish weeknight and weekend clothing at a great price.

Many Millennials may have high levels of student loan debt, so our prices suit their financial needs. This generation is civic-minded with a strong sense of community, both local and global. They are very connected, and their world is mobile. Social media, smartphones and mobile computing are critical to their daily life so, we must have a strong online and social media presence in order to connect with them.

Our Generation Z customer group is comprised of guys and gals between the ages of 10 and 20. These tweens and teens have grown up with technology at their fingertips and, from a very young age, have maintained social media accounts and essentially a personal brand for the world to see.

Big events in their short life include 9-11 and an economic recession, which brought concerns for security and safety to the forefront within their families and the communities around them. Competition is greater in many aspects of their lives, including education, athletics and the arts. As a result, most Generation Z guys and gals are driven and focused on their short and long-term goals.

This up-and-coming generation looks to us to provide them with unique fashion finds that will help them to develop their personal style. And when they find a store they love, they share the news with their friends and social media followers.

Our Generation X (Gen X) customers are women and men ages 35 to 50, and they are oftentimes parents of tweens and teens. Gen X customers are highly educated and usually well-established in their careers, so they are extremely busy with work and family activities. They are not typically as tied to social media sites as the Millennial group, but they are keen on trends because they have children growing up in our technology-dependent world.

Providing for their family is top priority, but with college on the horizon, they strive to teach their kids to be smart with money. This includes picking up a part-time job and buying their own clothing. Gen Xers look to our store as a high-value option for their teenagers to find their favorite brands and styles for great prices.

Our Product

Our Product

It’s no secret that the main reason customers visit NTY Clothing Exchange stores is because of the exceptional product within. Whether buying or selling their gently used clothing, shoes and accessories, young adults and teens know that NTY Clothing Exchange’s focus is on quality.

Our inventory comes from our customers, guys and gals that have name-brand and designer items in their closets that they no longer need. They bring it to NTY Clothing Exchange and our certified buyers evaluate each item, making sure that it fits the following criteria:

  • Great condition
  • Items that are current within the past few years
  • Junior’s sizes or small to XXL
  • Current styles
  • Free of wear, tears, stains and other damage
  • Freshly laundered
  • Has brand and size labels
  • Contained in a basket or bag

Customers are presented with an offer of cash on-the-spot or a percentage more in store credit for the items the store wishes to purchase. Our point-of-sale software features a sophisticated buy matrix, which helps buyers make offers that are consistent and fit the margins of NTY Clothing Exchange’s successful business model.

Just like they love making money by selling items to NTY Clothing Exchange, customers love saving money by shopping at NTY Clothing Exchange, too. That’s what resale is all about! Stores price their high-quality, name-brand merchandise at approximately 70% less than the original retail price. That great value and seeing new items on the floor every day keeps shoppers coming back. So the more product our stores buy, the more they sell!

Brand Growth

NTY Clothing Exchange is the latest emerging brand from NTY Franchise Company. This franchise is perfectly positioned to serve its younger audience. The store design is both modern and trendy, offering an exciting resale shopping experience that’s truly unique. NTY Clothing Exchange is also positioning itself to be where the shoppers are… mobile! We embrace technology and are always looking for opportunities to connect with our shoppers. This includes our loyalty reward program and app, point-of-sale system, and our latest online shopping platform.

Recent studies show teens today are still dedicating a great deal of their spending on fashions. Teens in the US dedicate around 40% of their spending to clothing, accessories and footwear according to the latest biannual Taking Stock With Teens survey from Piper Jaffray. Both average-income and upper-income teens allocate 60% of their spend to apparel, accessories, shoes and food with upper-income teens skewing slightly more towards food spending. Athletic and Streetwear continue to see great growth. There are also many top brands from the past making a strong come back like Ralph Lauren, Champion and Tommy Hilfiger.

Share of US Teens’ Spending, by Category

NTY Clothing Exchange is unique by offering customers an outlet for selling their gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories for Cash on-the-Spot. High-quality items from their overstocked closets can be passed on to fellow fashion-forward teens and young adults while generating additional income—for more shopping, of course!As this up-and-coming generation discovers the extensive selection of their favorite brands and current styles for amazingly low prices at NTY Clothing Exchange, they instantly become repeat shoppers, and tell their friends. Because constantly changing inventory is inherently part of the NTY Clothing Exchange resale business, current and new customers are provided with a fresh take on buying and selling unique, high-quality merchandise every day.

Top Teen Brands for 2018

Franchisee Testimonials

Hear from several NTY Clothing Exchange franchisees from all across the country about what it’s like to own NTY Clothing Exchange stores and work with the NTY Clothing Exchange franchise company.

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NTY Clothing Exchange


What makes NTY Clothing Exchange a unique opportunity

How much does it cost?

With NTY Clothing Exchange’s proven resale business model, franchisees see a swift return on investment. The graphic below shows the average net profit, store sales and more from our top-performing stores, as reported in Item 19 of the NTY Clothing Exchange Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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High Gross Margins

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Proven Business Model

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Great Owner Testimonials

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What makes NTY Clothing Exchange a unique opportunity

Proven success model

The NTY Clothing Exchange franchise company has developed a clear path that will help you to avoid years of trial and error, reduce costly mistakes, shorten your learning curve and, ultimately, reach your goals sooner. The following are key benefits that come along with a NTY Clothing Exchange franchise

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Business Planning

We’ll work with you to develop a plan that can be used as the financial and operational guide for your store during the critical start-up phase of your business.


We conduct three separate, comprehensive training programs that provide our new owners with both pre-opening and post-opening classes and hands-on experience.

Bank Financing

We have a Small Business Administration (SBA) preferred status lender who can help you with prequalification before you commit to opening your store. This lender knows our brand, our business plan and how to process loans quickly and efficiently.

Store Location Assistance

NTY Franchise company has adopted a standardized real estate process that has a clearly defined all-in-one strategy for site selection, lease negotiation and legal review

Store Opening Assistance

We have proven vendors already in place to get the best pricing and service on everything needed for store buildout: fixtures, equipment, interior/exterior signage, point-of-sale system and more.

Point-of-Sale (POS) System

The unique software that runs our proprietary POS system was specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the resale business. With touch screen capabilities and a built-in buy matrix, the system assists in the buying and selling of gently used merchandise.

Regional Operations Manager (ROM)

Our ROMs serve as small business consultants for our franchisees. They are responsible for ensuring success in all areas of the resale operation, including financial performance, merchandising and customer service.


Before a store even opens, we help to create excitement about it. Then we continue to provide marketing support to all stores at both local and national levels. Get more in-depth information about each of these topics within the following pages.

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