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NTY Clothing Exchange is the latest emerging brand from NTY Franchise Company. This franchise is perfectly positioned to serve its younger audience. The store design is both modern and trendy, offering an exciting resale shopping experience that’s truly unique. NTY Clothing Exchange is also positioning itself to be where the shoppers are… mobile!  We embrace technology and are always looking for opportunities to connect with our shoppers. This includes our loyalty reward program and app, point-of-sale system, and our latest online shopping platform.

Recent studies show teens today are still dedicating a great deal of their spending on fashions. Teens in the US dedicate around 40% of their spending to clothing, accessories and footwear according to the latest biannual Taking Stock With Teens survey from Piper Jaffray.  Both average-income and upper-income teens allocate 60% of their spend to apparel, accessories, shoes and food with upper-income teens skewing slightly more towards food spending.  Athletic and Streetwear continue to see great growth.  There are also many top brands from the past making a strong come back like Ralph Lauren, Champion and Tommy Hilfiger.

Share of US Teens’ Spending, by Category

NTY Clothing Exchange is unique by offering customers an outlet for selling their gently used name-brand and designer clothing, shoes and accessories for Cash on-the-Spot. High-quality items from their overstocked closets can be passed on to fellow fashion-forward teens and young adults while generating additional income—for more shopping, of course!As this up-and-coming generation discovers the extensive selection of their favorite brands and current styles for amazingly low prices at NTY Clothing Exchange, they instantly become repeat shoppers, and tell their friends. Because constantly changing inventory is inherently part of the NTY Clothing Exchange resale business, current and new customers are provided with a fresh take on buying and selling unique, high-quality merchandise every day.

Top Teen Brands for 2018

The above are top teen brands for 2018. Source: Piper Jaffray’s semi-annual survey of teen spending habits.

Learn more from our VP of Franchising about how NTY Clothing Exchange is equipped to grow quickly at both a brand and individual franchisee level in this quick video:

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