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DEVICE PITSTOP: Power Problems?

At Device Pitstop we fix plenty of broken DC Jacks.  For the uninitiated, the DC Jack is where you plug in your power strip (aka your AC Adapter).  In repairing computers at Device Pitstop, one common DC Jack problem we see is caused by a customer purchasing a “universal” adapter to power their computer.  The universal adapter, commonly purchased at big box retailers and online, is supposed to power any make or model of laptop with a various array of tips to conform to the DC Jack of your computer. 

We purchase laptop computers because they are mobile and we want to use them anywhere we go.  However, because most tips on universal adapters are so long, they commonly take the brunt of our movements and pressure causing enormous stress on the DC Jack.

Our recommendation?  Forego the universal adapter and come into Device Pitstop and we will find the AC Adapter that was made specifically for the make and model of your computer.  And if you find your DC Jack is loose and broken, bring in your computer and we will repair it!