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CLOTHES MENTOR: Sell and Buy a New Wardrobe

Don’t we all want a new wardrobe? Your closet is full, but you can’t find anything to wear?  It might just be time to change it up a bit and bring some things into Clothes Mentor. Source: Fox19 Now

The best part is you can sell pieces that have been hanging in the back of your closet that just never seem to make it to the front – and either pocket the cash or use it to get some “gently-used,” like-new pieces for yourself to freshen up your wardrobe. We could all use some different, and maybe trendier, styles for spring!

In a new spot for one of our stores, Stephanie, a store trainer, does a great job of explaining how resale works at Clothes Mentor – and the great buys you can get on high-end, designer apparel, handbags, and accessories…at prices up to 70% off of retail.