Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Electronic

Discover what our Device Pitstop franchise is all about in this TV spot featuring Josh Powell of Lexington, KY.  

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Receive Cash On the Spot at Device Pitstop Overland Park

Ready for a new phone? Get rid of your old devices and earn cash on the spot at Device Pitstop Overland Park!  

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200 Stores and Counting: NTY Franchise Knows How to Build Resale Businesses

With the opening of its 200th store, NTY Franchise Company continues to grow and be a leader in the upscale resale industry. Check out the great article about the company and its five innovative resale brands from the January issue of Global Business North America: Click here to see the article inside the digital issue […]

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New 2016 Device Pitstop Commercial: Sell Your Devices for Cash

Repair Your Smartphone, Tablet and More at Device Pitstop. Check out this quick video, one of our 2016 TV commercials, to learn more:

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Device Pitstop is Making a Splash in Minnesota and Beyond

Check out an excerpt from a article below, which explains the growing used-electronics retail market and features Device Pitstop as an up-and-coming franchise serving this market in the Twin Cities and beyond. Used electronics retail market boots up in the Twin Cities By John Ewoldt Amanda LaGrange dumped the title “Tech Dump.” When the […]

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Upgrade, Repair and Repurpose Electronics at Device Pitstop Anchorage

Device Pitstop franchisee Scott Stansbury talks about all of the products and services customers can find in his store. Don’t throw out your no-longer-needed or broken devices, sell them for cash or get them fixed at Device Pitstop Anchorage. Watch this video to find out more:

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Device Pitstop Attends the Super Mobility Trade Show in Las Vegas

Earlier this month, Device Pitstop sent a couple of staffers to the Super Mobility trade show facilitated by the CTIA. Read about what they saw and learned in this blog post by Robby Molberg, Device Pitstop’s Inventory Sourcing Specialist: Definition: CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) is an association of companies that specialize in all things […]

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Device Pitstop is Good for Small Businesses

Check out this article from, which highlights Device Pitstop as a great option for supplying small businesses with high-quality, affordable electronics. Check it out: 10 Overlooked Budget Hacks for Starting a Business Starting a business can be costly, but you can do it on a budget and still get the same results. By Adam […]

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DEVICE PITSTOP: Recycle Your Electronics and Get Paid at Device Pitstop

On Earth Day and beyond, remember to recycle the electronics that your family no longer uses. Better yet, Device Pitstop will pay you for items that still have some life left in them. They’ll give you CASH On-the-Spot for your gently used computers, tablets, smartphones and more; then they’ll spruce them up and sell them […]

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