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Why Franchise
NTY Franchise two photos that show grand opening in Clothes Mentor and NTY Clothing Exchange stores
Proven, Profitable Business Model

NTY Franchise Company has developed a proven, profitable business model. We make it easy for you to open a store so you can focus on your customers and, ultimately, fulfilling your dreams. At the heart of it: Your success leads to our success.

Our staff is highly driven to help you achieve your goals, not only from the start, but also long term. NTY receives royalties, a small percentage of a store’s sales volume, so our priority is to help you sell more.

NTY Franchise two photos showing POS system in NTY Clothing Exchange and Device Pitstop stores
Ongoing Support

With 192 stores open to date and a team with more than 25 years of franchising experience behind you, there’s an established path to follow for opening a store and beyond. We’ll help you avoid costly mistakes and provide ongoing support in the following categories.

  • Planning
  • Training
  • Store opening
  • Operations
  • Advertising and Marketing

We’ve invested heavily in technology.
NTY Franchise Company continues to evolve to keep up with the changing world around us, specifically with the in-house development of a proprietary point-of-sale (POS) system. It’s designed exclusively for our five resale brands and features an in-depth product matrix unlike any other POS out there. Our system helps franchisees and their employees know what to buy, what to pay for it, and what to sell it for. And the software gets even more comprehensive over time.

Also, we’ve vetted vendors for you that know our business and have proven extremely useful in efficient store design, cutting-edge marketing, and more. And we continue to reevaluate and research what’s available so you don’t have to.

NTY Franchise two photos showing training in New Uses and Children's Orchard stores
Your Small Business Consultant

Every franchisee is assigned a Regional Operations Manager (ROM), who is essentially your small business consultant. ROMs check in with stores regularly, utilizing powerful information from the POS system and various benchmarks from other stores in our vast network, to help you measure, manage, and grow your business from day one.

NTY Franchise Company’s business model is scalable.
In fact, about one-third of our franchisees decide to open additional stores with us after seeing positive results with their first. We recommend, however, that you first work in your business before you work on your business. That means that even though NTY’s high profit margins often allow for you to hire a full-time store manager from the beginning, it’s important that you are still heavily involved with getting your store up and running and off to a good start.

We embrace innovation.
Our network provides many opportunities for big ideas that can be shared among all of us who have a common goal: building profitable stores. NTY has several tools that facilitate communication within our valuable network.

Interested in learning more? Dig deeper into one or more of the five resale franchises by clicking on the links below. You can also download our free brochure and speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members to get your questions answered. We would love to hear from you!

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An upscale children’s resale store which sells children’s clothing, shoes, toys, and accessories.

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A women’s designer resale store of high-end brands for women of all sizes and maternity apparel.

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An electronics repair and resale store for gently-used and refurbished computers laptops, tablets, smartphones, and electronic accessories.

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A stylish resale store which sells furniture, artwork, small household appliances, and other decor and household needs.

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A resale store for teens and young adults with designer clothing that’s trendy and modern.

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