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Why Resale
Gross Margins
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Resale is what we do. It’s woven into our fabric; it’s what differentiates our franchises from so many others available to you.

So why is our focus resale?
Because it provides our stores with gross margins of approximately 60 percent. To put that into perspective, consider the fact that traditional retail stores average gross margins of about 40 percent. It means you make more money faster.

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Our Concept of Resale is Unique

It’s not consignment and it’s not thrift. We buy inventory from customers for cash on the spot. In comparison, consignment stores only pay customers a percentage of the profit when (or if) their specific merchandise sells. Thrift stores, on the other hand, usually don’t pay customers for merchandise at all, accepting donated goods for inventory.

The money that NTY Franchise Company stores spend on inventory goes directly back into the respective communities. It fills the pockets of the people you care about, and they love the convenience of cash on the spot.

Our niche is upscale resale.
All five of our resale franchise brands put great emphasis on buying high-quality, name-brand merchandise that is gently used and in excellent condition. The stores are clean, bright, and meticulously organized. Shoppers feel welcome and know that they’ll find exceptional deals at every turn.

And the very nature of resale keeps customers coming back. Inventory changes daily, and that’s a thrill for shoppers—so is saving an average of 70 percent off of original retail prices.

Our general rule of thumb is that stores buy merchandise for one-third of what they sell it for, providing high profit margins while pleasing both shoppers (who find amazing deals) and sellers (who get cash for items they no longer want).

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Resale is an Enduring Trend

For starters, it’s environmentally conscious, which continues to resonate with people. All brands under the NTY Franchise Company umbrella promote the reuse of goods.

Also, the market for resale has proven to not only withstand, but flourish during economic downturns. Take Clothes Mentor, for example, which started franchising in 2007 when the U.S. economy was on the verge of a recession. Within the following two years, when other retail stores were struggling, Clothes Mentor was thriving. It created an even bigger demand for our resale niche that continued to grow as the economy improved.

While NTY’s concept of resale is fundamental in getting stores off to a fast start toward success, the other key factor is franchising. Check out the next page, Why Franchise, to learn more about how it works.

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