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Device Pitstop is a retail and repair store that buys, sells,
trades and repairs laptops, tablets, and smartphones of all varieties
—from Apple products to Windows and Android.

What is Device Pitstop

What is Device Pitstop?

It is a retail and repair store that buys, sells, trades and repairs laptops, tablets, and smartphones of all varieties—from Apple products to Windows and Android. We provide quality refurbished and factory recertified laptops and other personal devices at high-value retail prices. Additionally, the service and repair aspect of the business model comprises approximately 30% of average store sales.

Refurbished retail inventory is acquired on an ongoing basis from our customers selling their gently-used or no longer needed electronics to Device Pitstop for CASH On-the-Spot. We also utilize a network of brokers who acquire product off-lease from various companies or outsource overstock items from clearance houses. Our refurbished inventory is typically sold between 25% and 50% below current or original retail pricing. Plus, Device Pitstop offers all of the common accessories you would expect to see for laptops, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones and more.

At every Device Pitstop store, customers will find a clean, open layout, a great product selection and a friendly, professional staff that provides excellent customer service.

So Why Electronics?

The electronics industry is growing exponentially. As tablet, smartphone and laptop sales continue to outpace desktops, it’s easy to see that mobile computing is the future. Mobility gives business travelers, students and casual users the freedom to experience their digital life wherever and whenever they see fit.

And Device Pitstop operates in a unique, low-competition space within the electronics industry. While retailers selling new devices are cutting margins to the bare minimum just to compete, Device Pitstop offers used and recertified devices at a great price with naturally high profit margins. Customers appreciate the high value that Device Pitstop provides as well as the environmentally friendly aspect of the business.

Customers also count on Device Pitstop for the hardware, accessories and service know-how to keep them connected to their digital world. This provides one-stop shopping for customers and higher sales numbers for store owners.

Our Customers

Who is Our Target Customer?

Our core customer group is comprised equally of men and women ages 25 to 55, living within a 10-mile radius of our stores. The lives they lead are busy and integrally connected with technology, helping them to balance a busy work schedule and an often busier personal life.

Married couples with growing children are, by extension, a primary customer group as well because most preteen children have phones, tablets and laptops of their own. Parents looking for a cost-effective solution to a device need for their children will turn to Device Pitstop and our selection of refurbished laptops, tablets and smartphones. From a repair standpoint, we help our customers stay connected and active when they break a phone or laptop screen, or when a computer crashes.

Generation Z

Our Generation Z customers include kids between the ages of 5 and 19. They are the first group to truly grow up with technology at their fingertips. Younger kids in this group rely on devices for entertainment and education, while tweens and teens do the same with the addition of maintaining social media accounts and essentially a personal brand for the world to see. This up-and-coming group looks to us to provide them with affordable devices that will help them to complete school work, be entertained, develop their online presence and learn skills for their future. And when they find a store they love, they share the news with their friends and social media followers.


Our Millennial customers are men and women ages 25 to 35. They live a very active lifestyle and are constantly on the go. They are defined as confident, tolerant and networked. They are beyond comfortable with technology and are generally very socially aware. Most importantly, they are mobile, and their devices must keep up with their lives. Any downtime on a smartphone or laptop will have a negative impact on both their work productivity as well as their personal social scene, and must be avoided or minimized.

This group is also attracted to Device Pitstop, because they are young to the workforce, and are often not quite as financially secure as they would like to be. Thus, they are interested in the value of our refurbished inventory, as well as the cost effective repair services Device Pitstop offers.

Our Generation X (Gen X) customers are men and women ages 35 to 50. The Gen X customer is highly educated and is typically well-established in the working world, regardless of where their age falls in the generational range.

This group is past the thrill of having to own the newest, fastest, sexiest gadget available, but is still very conscious of what is current with technology. The Gen X customer is not typically as tied to social media sites as the Millennial group, but is keen on trends because they have children growing up in our technology-dependent world. Just as mobile in their daily lives as most Millennials, the Gen X customer can often afford to replace a non-functioning or broken device, but doesn’t necessarily want to.

The men and women that comprise our Baby Boomer customer group (ages 50 to 65) make up the smallest segment of our customer base, but one that is intensely loyal. The reason behind this typically relates back to our smaller store size and local feel. Many men and women in this age group dislike shopping online. They often feel lost, ignored or unattended in the big-box world of retail today.

Our Baby Boomer customers have a desire to stay current with technology and devices. The primary motivation is to enjoy all the various communication options with their friends and, of course, their family members. Baby Boomers are also drawn to Device Pitstop for the level of customer service we offer and the familiarity they can gain with the staff at their local store.

Our Product

It’s no secret that the reason customers visit Device Pitstop stores is because of the exceptional products and services within. Whether buying, selling or repairing their gently used computers, tablets, smartphones, game consoles and other devices, customers know that Device Pitstop’s focus is on quality.

Our inventory comes from two main sources: our customers, people and businesses that have devices they no longer need, and a network of suppliers and brokers that acquire product off-lease from various companies or outsource overstock items from clearance houses and manufacturers. Both of these sources bring gently used products to Device Pitstop stores, and our buyers evaluate each item to make sure that it’s either in great, working condition or able to be repaired by our technicians.

Customers are presented with an offer of cash on-the-spot or a percentage more in store credit for the items the store wishes to purchase. Our point-of-sale software features a sophisticated buy matrix, which helps buyers make offers that are consistent and fit the margins of Device Pitstop’s successful business model.

Just like they love making money by selling items to Device Pitstop, customers love saving money by shopping at Device Pitstop, too. That’s what resale is all about! Stores price their high-quality merchandise at between 25% and 50% less than the original retail price. That great value and seeing new items on the floor every day keeps shoppers coming back. So the more product our stores buy, the more they sell!

The repair side of the business generates approximately 30% of the revenue for Device Pitstop stores. Our certified technicians are well trained and provide exceptional customer service. In addition, Device Pitstop’s high-value resale concept provides stores the opportunity to be the go-to IT asset management source for local businesses, organizations and schools.

Brand Growth

Think about the number of electronic and Internet-connected devices that you currently have in your household. Three or more per person is not unheard of—in fact, it’s the norm. That number has grown drastically as technology changes and continues to become more accessible to all types of consumers. In addition, it’s astounding how quickly the market has shifted to mobile. People want to be connected anytime, anywhere. Device Pitstop is growing right along with the industry, as the franchise is built to supply the ever-changing demand of existing and new customers and their electronic devices.

Device Pitstop brand growth page, chart showing mobile usage for industry trends

Franchisee Testimonials

Hear from several Device Pitstop franchisees from all across the country
about what it’s like to own Device Pitstop
stores and work with the Device Pitstop franchise company.

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Device Pitstop


What makes Device Pitstop a unique opportunity

How much does it cost?

With Device Pitstop’s proven resale business model, franchisees see a swift return on investment. The graphic below shows the average net profit, store sales and more from our top-performing stores, as reported in Item 19 of the Device Pitstop Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

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Inital investment range $100,700 to $173,000*

Average gross margin 66.63%**

Average top performing sales $804,235***

* $100,700 – $173,000 is the cost of opening a Device Pitstop if using the lease option. See Item 7 of the Device Pitstop® Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 12, 2019, for more information.

**66.63% is the average gross margin percentage of all 10 Device Pitstop® stores in operation for the entire calendar year ended December 31, 2018. There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well. See Item 19 of the Device Pitstop® Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 12, 2019, for more information.

***$804,235 is the average net sales of the two stores with the highest net sales for the 2018 calendar year. There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well. See Item 19 of the Device Pitstop® Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 12, 2019, for more information.


What makes Device Pitstop a unique opportunity

Proven success model

The Device Pitstop franchise company has developed a clear path that will help you to avoid years of trial and error, reduce costly mistakes, shorten your learning curve and, ultimately, reach your goals sooner. The following are key benefits that come along with a Device Pitstop franchise

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Business Planning

We’ll work with you to develop a plan that can be used as the financial and operational guide for your store during the critical start-up phase of your business.


We conduct three separate, comprehensive training programs that provide our new owners with both pre-opening and post-opening classes and hands-on experience.

Bank Financing

We have a Small Business Administration (SBA) preferred status lender who can help you with prequalification before you commit to opening your store. This lender knows our brand, our business plan and how to process loans quickly and efficiently.

Store Location Assistance

NTY Franchise company has adopted a standardized real estate process that has a clearly defined all-in-one strategy for site selection, lease negotiation and legal review

Store Opening Assistance

We have proven vendors already in place to get the best pricing and service on everything needed for store buildout: fixtures, equipment, interior/exterior signage, point-of-sale system and more.

Point-of-Sale (POS) System

The unique software that runs our proprietary POS system was specifically designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the resale business. With touch screen capabilities and a built-in buy matrix, the system assists in the buying and selling of gently used merchandise.

Regional Operations Manager (ROM)

Our ROMs serve as small business consultants for our franchisees. They are responsible for ensuring success in all areas of the resale operation, including financial performance, merchandising and customer service.


Before a store even opens, we help to create excitement about it. Then we continue to provide marketing support to all stores at both local and national levels. Get more in-depth information about each of these topics within the following pages.

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