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We invite you to discover what it would be like to start your own successful resale business and to make a difference and impact in your community.

About NTY Franchise

We invite you to discover what it would be like to start your own successful resale business and to make a difference and impact in your community.

The business of Retail ReSale Franchising is woven into our fabric. Many people have chosen an NTY franchise brand to make to give back to their communities, to enjoy more time with their families, and to enjoy working for themselves instead of someone else. The proven NTY resale store lifestyle brands differentiate our franchises from so many other opportunities available to you.

So why is our focus on resale, you ask? Resale is becoming more mainstream every single day. With sustainability at the core, the resale apparel industry is expected to double to $50 billion dollars by 2023.

A proven franchise model

Our tried-and-true approach to resale results in gross margins of approximately 65 percent. It just doesn’t get much better than that. To put this into perspective, for every dollar in sales generated, .65c of that one dollar sale is gross margin dollars. This means as an NTY Resale Franchise owner, you make more money faster.

NTY (New To You) Franchise Company was founded in 2006 by President Ron Olson. Since its inception, the company has skyrocketed to becoming one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., with a tried-and-true resale concept and a solid franchising business model.

Things all started in 2007, when NTY purchased the franchise rights for Clothes Mentor, a women’s resale store focusing on designer clothing, shoes, and accessories. There are now 127 Clothes Mentor stores open nationwide with another 20 awarded and in development.

In 2013, NTY expanded its franchise offering by adding Device Pitstop as the next brand under the companies umbrella. Purchased as Laptop Exchange and rebranded as Device Pitstop, the franchise buys, sells, and repairs personal electronics. To date, there are 10 Device Pitstop stores open.

Rounding out its resale franchise offerings, in 2015, NTY Franchise Company purchased an existing kid’s resale chain, Children’s Orchard. The Children’s Orchard franchise currently has 23 stores in operation. It was revamped in order to fit the modern design and concept similar to the other NTY franchise brands.

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We invite you to discover what it would be like to start your own successful resale business and to make a difference and impact in your community.

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