Blogger Finds Amazing Fall Pieces at Clothes Mentor Springfield

Check out the recent blog post on, which features some great fall fashions from Clothes Mentor Springfield: September Budget: Clothes Mentor Haul Text and photo by Sarah from When it came to update my fall wardrobe this year, I tried something different: shopping at Clothes Mentor. My closet has its fair share thrifted […]

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Blogger Tries Personal Shopper at Clothes Mentor West Chester

What did blogger Ainslie Gordon think about her personal shopper experience at Clothes Mentor West Chester? Find out in this article featured on Mom Style Made Simple at Clothes Mentor Personal shoppers aren’t just for celebrities! By Ainslie Gordon Do you think personal shoppers are just for celebrities? Are you trying to dress trendy […]

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Would Current Franchisees Recommend Clothes Mentor to Others?

Clothes Mentor franchisees from across the country answer the frequently asked question: Would you recommend the Clothes Mentor business to others? Find out what they say in this video:

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Blogger Finds Amazing Pieces at Clothes Mentor Springfield

Check out all of the great outfits a Philly blogger found at Clothes Mentor Springfield! Read about it below, and see more photos on her blog, And Her Little Dog Too. The Clothes Mentor Experience A little while ago I was invited to the Clothes Mentor store in Springfield, PA to visit and shop! If […]

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Clothes Mentor Beats Fast Fashion, Hands Down

In this article from, see the many reasons why you should choose Clothes Mentor and resale over fast fashion: You Quit Buying Fast Fashion, So Now What? By Kara Hackett When you decide to quit something, one of the first things you have to do is replace that habit with something else. It’s basic […]

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Device Pitstop Attends the Super Mobility Trade Show in Las Vegas

Earlier this month, Device Pitstop sent a couple of staffers to the Super Mobility trade show facilitated by the CTIA. Read about what they saw and learned in this blog post by Robby Molberg, Device Pitstop’s Inventory Sourcing Specialist: Definition: CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association) is an association of companies that specialize in all things […]

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Clothes Mentor Lee’s Summit Featured in Local Magazine

Check out this great article from Herlife Magazine, which features Clothes Mentor Lee’s Summit as well as the Tiffany Springs and Overland Park stores: Effortlessly Update Your Wardrobe at Clothes Mentor By Cindy McDermott It shouldn’t cost a fortune to have great designer clothing hanging in your closet. If you shop at your locally owned […]

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Check Out the New Clothes Mentor Owner Testimonials Videos

Wonder what it would be like to own a Clothes Mentor store? How about several Clothes Mentor stores? Peruse our new owner testimonials videos to get answers to you frequently asked questions and more! Below is a snippet to get you started. Then click here to see the full collection.

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Children’s Orchard Huntersville Featured in Local Magazine

Find out what drives Children’s Orchard Huntersville franchisee Shasta Webber in this inspiring article from Lake Norman Women Magazine. My Passion? My Life! By Leslie Ogle With great family and friends and a successful career, things could not have been going better for Shasta Webber, owner of Children’s Orchard in Huntersville. But oftentimes, we have […]

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