5 Reasons Why NTY Franchises are Sustainable Businesses
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5 Reasons Why NTY Franchises are Sustainable Businesses

Selecting a franchise is a big decision. That’s why it’s important to choose one that will stand the tests of time and the economy. Here are five reasons why NTY franchises are sustainable businesses:

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1. Resale

All five NTY franchises are resale businesses. By its very nature, resale is sustainable. Take the company’s flagship brand Clothes Mentor, for example, which started franchising in 2007 when the U.S. economy was on the verge of a recession. Within the following few years, when other retail stores were struggling, Clothes Mentor stores were thriving. The downturn created an even bigger demand for the resale niche that has continued to grow as the economy improves.

2. Green Concept

Franchisees that partner with NTY and customers that shop our stores value the reuse of quality goods. NTY stores buy products from customers for cash on-the-spot, which puts money back into the pockets of people within the community. This, in turn, helps the planet by extending the life of great clothing, shoes, furniture, toys, electronics and more and keeps those items out of landfills.

3. Customers Love NTY Products and Services

Just like they love making money by selling items to NTY Franchise stores, customers love saving money by shopping with us, too. Our point-of-sale software features a sophisticated buy matrix, which helps NTY Franchise stores price their high-quality merchandise at approximately 70% less than the original retail price. That great value and seeing new items on the floor every day keeps shoppers coming back.

4. Profitability at Store Level

Our proprietary point-of-sale system also helps stores stay on course for achieving high gross margins of approximately 60%, which translates to a faster return on investment, greater profits and the opportunity for rapid growth to multi-store businesses. The following is a snapshot of the return-on-investment numbers for franchisees with our Children’s Orchard brand.

Return on investment numbers for Children’s Orchard:

children's orchard top store sales 2015Children's orchard average store sales 2015 

5. Accessible Corporate Team and Franchisee Network

With 200 stores open across all brands, NTY has developed a strong franchise support system that starts with a highly experienced management team. In addition, we have a large and diverse network of franchisees that are easily accessible for validation during the franchising process as well as ongoing support in the form of idea sharing, franchise advisory councils (FACs), potential advertising cooperatives, comradery and more.

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*$648,342 is the average net sales of the 5 stores included in the top 25% of all 21 Children’s Orchard® stores in operation for entire calendar year ended December 31, 2015. Of the 5 stores included in the average net sales for the top 25% of all stores, 2 stores (40%) met or exceeded the average net sales. There is no assurance, however, that you will do as well. See Item 19 of the Children’s Orchard® Franchise Disclosure Document dated April 26, 2016, for more information.