Fast 50 No. 28: NTY Franchise Co.

NTY Franchise Company is Number 28 on the Fast 50! Take a look at this interview with Chad Olson. Source:

We asked Chief Operating Officer Chad Olson:

What was a key accomplishment for your company in 2014? Our largest brand, Clothes Mentor, had a record year for new store openings — 34 in 2014.

Chad Olson and Ron Olson together
Chad Olson (left) and Ronald Olson of NTY Franchise Company.

What was the most difficult challenge of 2014, and what did you learn from it?Keeping the lead funnel full for selling new franchises. We learned we needed to focus our online strategy for generating leads and we needed our people to be in the right positions to qualify the leads and sell the prospects on our franchises.

Where do you see your company in five years? Crossing the 500-store mark and well on our way to seeing our longer-term goal of over 1,000 stores across America coming into view.

How does it feel to be one of the Twin Cities’ fastest-growing private companies? We are excited to be one of the Twin Cities fastest-growing companies. But the reality is, we have a lot more to accomplish and a lot of room to keep growing.

  • Growth Rate: 89.19%
  • 2012 revenue:$2,790,682
  • 2013 revenue:$3,663,794
  • 2014 revenue:$5,279,737
  • Top executives: Ron Olson, Chad Olson
  • Founded: 2007
  • Business: Franchise sales of resale retail brands
  • Employees: 2012 — 28; Now — 61

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