NTY Opens 200th Store: Device Pitstop Newport News
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NTY Opens 200th Store: Device Pitstop Newport News

Check out this exciting article from Franchising USA about NTY Franchise Company’s 200th store opening this month!

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National upscale resale franchise NTY (New to You) Franchise Company, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, will open their 200th store on Thursday, November 10. Device Pitstop, NTY Franchise Company’s mobile and electronic device resale franchise, will have the honor of achieving the company milestone when they open the doors of their new franchise unit in Newport News, Virginia.

“We’re very excited to open our 200th store in Newport News, Virginia this November,” NTY Franchise Company COO Chad Olson (pictured above) said. “The opening signifies our continued growth and commitment to meeting the modern consumer’s need for high-quality clothing, devices and other items at an affordable price.”                                                                                                          

Founded in 2006 by Ron Olson, NTY Franchise Company features five resale brands, all with a different focus: Clothes Mentor, Children’s Orchard, Device Pitstop, New Uses, and NTY Clothing Exchange. Their brands cover everything from women’s designer fashions, children’s apparel and accessories, furniture and household goods, electronic sales and repair, and clothing for teens and young adults. All brands feature cutting-edge technology, support, and lucrative franchising opportunities to help candidates establish resale stores throughout the United States.

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